Keratin Lash Lift

Echoing the sentiments in my Latisse post HERE, eyelashes really make a huge difference to how your face looks. After a few recommendations from friends, I decided to take the jump and get a Keratin Lash Lift.

In December 2018, I made my appointment to get a Lash Lift from an esthetician that was recommended by a few friends. I’d seen her work online and was excited for the results! I’ll start off by saying, I did not like the long term results of the lash lift and would not recommend it – I will not be naming the esthetician as I know my friends had wonderful results with her.

The process took a little over an hour to complete and included the Lash Lift and Tint. I don’t like when other people touch my eyes/lids, so I was nervous but the esthetician made me feel very comfortable. The silicon pads that are placed on your lids are not terribly uncomfortable and neither was the application for the keratin treatment. The discomfort came when the lash tint was applied. I don’t think it was totally necessary to apply tint as my lashes are already black, but she said it would enhance my results, so I moved forward with it. Once the process was done and I blinked open my eyes and that’s when the burn started. She had to rinse my eyes out for a few minutes.

Below are my personal results.

The initial results were very good – I was very happy. The only complaint I had was that the lashes on the inner corner of my eye were slightly bent out of shape, but it was something I could move past.

I’ve done Keratin treatments in my hair in the past and I’ve had good results with no side effects. When I spoke to the esthetician months before I got the lift, she told me that if I had done Latisse, I shouldn’t have a reaction to the Keratin Lash Lift, as this is much gentler. The treatment was supposed to last up to 12 weeks. When week 4-5 came along and I was preparing for NYE, I noticed the lift had substantially drooped – my lashes were almost back to normal. I followed all the steps and brushed my lashes and didn’t use waterproof mascara, so I was disappointed with the results lasting. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

In the coming weeks, my eyelashes started falling out in chunks. Eyelashes do go through regular  cycles, like all hair and they do fall out and regrow, but this was excessive. My eyelashes soon looked as if they were thinning out along with the chunks that were missing. My eyelashes soon began to grown back in and I was left with short, stubby lashes, but I’m thankful that they did grow back. I chose not to follow up with the esthetician because my lashes were growing back.

I have considered starting Latisse again to aid in the process, but in the meantime I have tried THIS lash growth serum from Amazon and am seeing good results. My lashes are not back to where they were just yet, but I’m hopefully they will get there.

Overall, I would not recommend the Keratin Lash Lift. Please do your research prior to getting these treatments, even if you have personal recommendations.

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