Journey to Tomorrowland

Gopro Silver + | Tomorrowland 2014 mainstage

Here’s a special blog post coming out in time for the Tomorrowland Belgium Ticket Sale! Tickets go on sale, this Saturday, February 7th at 17:00 CET!

We experienced Tomorrowland in 2014 and I want to preface this blog by saying that this was the best weekend of my life. Also, this post will be incredibly lengthy but I want to cover absolutely everything to be as helpful as possible! In 2013, I came across the Official Tomorrowland 2012 Aftermovie and fell in love. I’d never attended a music festival before, but I knew then that I needed to experience the magic. My boyfriend and I saved up and did as much research as we could and in 2014 we purchased our Global Journey tickets in order to ensure tickets to the festival. The Global Journey tickets, are more expensive but they almost guarantee a ticket and are sold ahead of time, whereas, weekend passes or day-of passes sell out in minutes.

Global Journey Travel

Global Journey tickets vary in what they include, but you essentially chose your DCIM103GOPROaccommodations and way of travel and prices vary in your options. The 2015 accommodations include: Dreamville Magnificent Greens, Easy Tents, Fabulous Easy Tents, DreamLodge, Fabulous DreamLodge, Relax Rooms, Cabanas, and Hotels. For way of travel, there are train or plane options. We took the earliest flight from London and slept in the Yotel in the London Heathrow Airport to ensure our arrival at the airport. I would recommend getting a travel option that allows early arrival and I’ll explain that more in accommodations! Our flight was about 45 minutes long and we were pretty disappointed with the build up that Global Journey flights had. Only select flights are truly party flights, so be aware of that! We received our gift of Tomorrowland merchandise, including a bag, sunglasses, a newspaper, and a Belgian waffle. Everyone on our flight was pumped, regardless of the early time and majority of passengers were pretty intoxicated, which made for an entertaining flight! The DJ on our flight basically just played a set list and the music was pretty quiet, but the atmosphere was still great! If you’re not an EU citizen, you are going to be waiting in a very long line at the airport so just relax and try to contain your excitement. The Global Journey flights have you check in your bags for the most part, there is very limited space on the plane, so you’ll have to wait to grab your bag. Luckily, your bags will definitely be waiting on the baggage claim carrousel after waiting in that line. Travel includes a bus to and from the airport in Brussels. All the buses were full when they left, so get comfortable! On the way back make sure you take an early enough bus to catch your plane or train.


Here is what we spent, specifically at Tomorrowland 2014:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.03.52 PM

**note that we bought many things for our month long trip to Europe that we also used, but the above purchases were Tomorrowland specific

Be Prepared

If it is anything like last year, you will not have wifi. We did not have an inexpensive data plan in Europe, so we relied on wifi and even the internet reception for Tomorrowland employees was out. Print out hard copies of absolutely every document! I cannot stress that enough! You need proof of purchase from everything from your ticket to your lockers to your booze bags. Everything requires it and you will likely not be able to access your email, so print your stuff. Many people struggled with this and ended up losing out on their purchases. We printed the wrong page for our locker purchase and ended up talking to so many people, I assume they just gave it to us out of pity.



Our 2 person Easy Tent

Upon arrival at Dreamville, expect to wait in lots of lines; this is why I would recommend arriving early! Your placement in both Dreamville and the Easy Tent area are based on your arrival time. Make sure you get in line with your friends so you stay together in the campsite. We personally stayed in the Upgraded Easy Tents and I was incredibly happy with our choice. All Easy Tent merchandise is Tomorrowland personalized. The Easy Tents include a 2 or 4 person assembled tent, sleeping bags, air mattress, solar lantern and mirror. Additionally, our upgrade got us a wooden platform (great in the rain), pillows, locker, combination lock for tent, lawn chairs and a power source. The tents become incredibly hot like little ovens, so many people slept with their tents open. Each area of accommodation is separate. You needed an Easy Tent bracelet in order to access this area. All areas are checked for a specific bracelet, except Dreamville camping, in which all are able to access.

The Easy Tent area included lockers, showers, food & drinks, bathrooms, and “refresh” stations. I highly recommend purchasing a locker. They come in two sizes. We had a large locker and we had more space then we needed. You won’t be worried throughout the weekend about your things and theft. Showers cost tokens for use and the lines get incredibly long in the morning, so try to time your day well! Between 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM, the lines are nonexistent, so it is a good idea to set your alarm and get cleaned up and then go back to bed for a few hours. The bathrooms are just simple Porta Potties, but in the Easy Tent area the toilets flush and the toilet paper remained fairly stocked, so overall they were pretty nice for Porta Potties. There are also outdoor male urinals, that my boyfriend said smelled, but were quick and convenient. The refresh stations were great for brushing teeth and a quick face wash. The water at the refresh stations is also cold, so it is good to fill up water bottles. Note: we did bring Camelbak water bottles with built in filters for clean drinking water. Also, if you want to actually sleep during your trip, I highly recommend bringing ear plugs and an eye mask as the party never quits. We also took some Nyquil to help sleep.

Dreamville Camping is a much different experience from the Easy Tents, from what I’ve heard. Although, like the Easy Tents, your camping area is assigned by arrival time, so I can’t stress enough to get in line with friends. The line for Dreamville will be much longer than the Easy Tents, so get there early if possible. Because the Easy Tents are already set up and assembled, you have the space you may need, but in Dreamville people want to be as close to the festival grounds as possible, so everyone is packing in tightly. Time will not be on your side when setting up a large or complicated tent! I would recommend buying something similar to this. You basically just throw this tent and it pops up and you’re set! Dreamville is an ongoing party and much more routy than the Easy Tents from my experience, so if you want a 24/7 party, this could be the place for you!

Be aware, that although you are going to meet some of the kindest people from all around the world, there are still jerks and some of them attend Tomorrowland. There are thefts in Dreamville and the Easy Tent Area. We had one friend who woke up with someone inside their tent, rummaging through his things.

Upon Arrival

DCIM103GOPROWhen you arrive at Dreamville I recommend doing the following: get in line as soon as possible to get your bracelet and tent, put your belongings in your tent and lock it up, get a locker for all of your valuables, pick up your booze bag(s) and walk the 15-20 minutes to the nearby grocery store. The Grocery Store is not far from Dreamville. You’re going to walk opposite of the way you came in from the buses and make right along the Dreamville grounds, you’ll walk all the way down until you reach a tennis club and then make a left and just follow the path around, you’ll walk through a corn field and the grocery store will be on your left. Buy food and drinks for the entire weekend! We made the huge mistake of buying one bottle of alcohol and some chasers and the next day we needed more and the super market was basically wiped out of every type of alcohol and most snack foods. Buy large water bottles! You are not allowed to take any glass into Dreamville or the Easy Tent Area, so make sure you buy large plastic water bottles, for drinking and to empty and use for alcohol.

The Festival Grounds


Our first look at the MainStage

The Festival Grounds are where all the music magic takes place. From the Dreamville entrance it is about a 20 minute walk to the entrance of the Tomorrowland Grounds. A large amount of people, us included, hung out and partied in Dreamville and in the Easy Tents and headed to the grounds around the late afternoon. I would recommend arriving at the stage you wish to experience about one act before the DJ you are hoping to see so you can get settled in a nice area. Experience all the stages! One day we went to the grounds early and we walked around the 14 or so stages to see them all. Every stage is magnificent in its own way. You may even discover a new artist and fall in love. Explore and have fun! At the MainStage, our group had one area that was like a “home base” to us and it was great! Some people would wander down closer to the stage, to get drinks or use the bathroom and we always knew where to find people. Make sure to plan your bathroom trips! I know it sounds so silly, but it’ll make your experience that much better. After drinking tons of water and alcohol, breaking the seal is going to be the worst. Trekking to the bathroom and leaving your spot and group is a nightmare and you could miss a great set, so try and plan accordingly. The same planning should go into your food schedule. Be careful where you stand! At the MainStage we saw so many men urinating against the side of the risers and many people slipped and fell in it, so gross! Of course, as I mentioned about those jerks, there are plenty of them and they throw miscellaneous items into the crowd, include the nonslip mats that are along the hillside, what an odd thing to do, I know! Drugs. I know that festivals have a huge reputation so I’m going to touch on this. There was an insane amount of security watching for people selling drugs and many people were. We watched a man get taken away by two very large security guards with no questions asked.

Food & Drinks

Everything at Tomorrowland costs tokens, besides merchandise. Last year, each token was worth approximately ā‚¬2.00. Food was relatively inexpensive for the amount of food you get. Drinks can begin to add up throughout the weekend. Our group bought food from the grocery store and we BBQ’d in the Easy Tent Area. The food was absolutely delicious and they have so many options to try. We bought one Booze Bag each as our token source and it was plenty with the goodies we bought from the grocery store, but it is easy to see how many people blew through their tokens. Food stands close early! In the Easy Tent Area, the food tent closed well before we arrived back from the festival grounds, so it is important to eat up at the festival ground and make sure to stock up your tent with snacks. Keep hydrated! There is a huge chance that you aren’t going to realize how dehydrated you are actually getting. It is so important to stay hydrated.

Breakfast Buffet

So we purchased the breakfast buffet. It was located in Dreamville, so it proved quite a walk every morning. It wasn’t an all you can eat buffet. You were provided tickets and you could trade one ticket for one item. Available to eat was: large baguettes, cereal, ham & cheese, orange juice and milk and there was butter, peanut butter, nutella and jelly for your use as well. I don’t think it was necessarily worth it, but we learned from it!


The Tomorrowland Merchandise Stores remained fairly stocked for a lot of the weekend and there is also an online shop. We bought Tomorrowland hats and wore them throughout the weekend. Most items run for between ā‚¬25.00 – ā‚¬50.00, but they’re of great quality!

Medical Attention

I’m including this for two reasons: 1. Because people get crazy and messed up and I want you to know what to expect and 2. Because I experienced it on my own because I’m a huge klutz! Long story short, I ate shit running to my tent! I brushed it off but the next day my scratched up knees were swollen and needed some more cleaning than some soap could provide. With my experience, the staff were caring and they wanted to help with every ailment you were facing, but that TLC took a very long time! I waited in that line and got taken care of in about 2 hours and I missed out on things. So basically be careful, watch how much you consume and try to avoid the medical tent in Dreamville!


One of the best decisions we made before traveling to Tomorrowland was seeking out others who would be joining us in the madness. We joined a Tomorrowland Facebook Group and made some incredible, lifelong friends. We spent the entire weekend with them from meeting at the airport to traveling around London afterwards and we still remain in contact with them! They made our weekend absolutely unforgettable so I would recommend meeting others ahead of time. Bring many flags from your country! You’re going to want to wave your flag and represent, but others from all over the world are going to want to trade you! I brought one flag and one scarf (of the American flag) and my flag got traded the very first day and even my scarf on the last day! We went home with a Swedish and Spanish flag.

Random Items to Pack


The weather was pretty unpredictable at Tomorrowland. We went weekend two and it was so incredibly hot! Many of our friends lied out in the grass for a little nap and were burnt to a crisp. The entire weekend I wore shorts and a crop top and my boyfriend wore tanks and shorts. On the Sunday it rained a little during the festival and the Tomorrowland employees handed out light ponchos, but the rain was so light it hardly called for it. On Monday morning though, it absolutely poured. Unfortunately, for all in attendance, that was the morning we had to pack up and leave. Everyone was soaked and so were all of our possessions.

Most importantly, enjoy the music and company! You will meet some of the most kind and unique individuals who all share your incredible love of music and you’ll remain friends forever. I hope my post helps to make your Tomorrowland experience flawless!



My fellow Tomorrowland friend, Niav has an amazing travel blog on all her worldly travels and music festivals! Make sure to check out Konnomadic here!

Sincerely Samantha B

15 thoughts on “Journey to Tomorrowland

  1. Sebastian says:

    Excellent post! definitly you share great tips! I have one doubt, we alredy booked our trip(The only thing missing is the ticket hahaa) and we will be arriving to Brussels at 09:30 PM on Thursday do you know if it is possible to go to dreamville at that hour?, we can hire a taxi/Uber to go there, but we dont know if we can check in at 12 or 01:00 AM for the easy tent or deamlodge, thanks for your help!


    • samanthab says:

      Hi Sebastian! Thanks for reading šŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid answer for you on that one. I don’t believe the shuttle transportation is available that late, so you would most likely have to get a taxi/Uber to Dreamville. I’m doubtful that anyone would be at the check-in areas at that time for you though to get your tickets. The Gathering will be going on on Thursday, but I think it ended at midnight and most stations were closed pretty early (like the food tents). I would definitely email Tomorrowland directly and see if they can help you out with that as soon as possible, so if they aren’t open, you could book alternative housing for Thursday night and arrive early on Friday. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance on that one!


  2. Andreas says:

    Hi! I’ll be trying to get tickets this year and just wanted to ask about the Easy Tent merchandise, from the web page info I understand you can bring the tent and some other things home. If it is so, do you remember which were those? Did you take any?
    Tent, sleeping bags, lamp, lock, etc.
    Thanks in advance for your time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • samanthab says:

      Hi! Yes, when I went you could take almost everything home! We did the upgraded Easy Tent so ours came with a power strip and lawn chairs. We didn’t try to take the power strip, but we did the lawn chairs and we were told we couldn’t. We took the tent, sleeping bags, lantern, mirror and lock home! You were allowed to take the air mattress as well but since we were backpacking through Europe, it just really wasn’t possible. Our friends did take theirs and they actually blew it up in airport while we waiting for our flight šŸ™‚ I hope that helps!


      • Emma says:

        Hi, I’m wondering if it’s worth getting the upgrade to easy tent.
        Where is the power strip and how does it work?
        Were the lockers included on the campsite or in the tent?
        Thanks! šŸ™‚


      • samanthab says:

        Hi Emma! I think it was worth it to get the upgraded Easy Tent, if not solely because it was on a lifted wood platform. This was super useful in the rain. The power strip is inside your tent and is already plugged in to an outside source and ready to use. The lockers are inside the Easy Tent camping area, but are not inside your personal tent. The upgraded Easy Tents came with locks for your tent though. Hope that helps! šŸ™‚


      • Emma says:

        Thanks for replying! Yes! Your post and reply are literally the only things that have been helpful when trying to figure stuff out. Thanks so much again! šŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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