Avoiding PMS Symptoms

iphone 5s | Nature’s Bounty evening primrose oil

I would love for every post to extend to all audiences, but this one is obviously for my ladies!  I’ve always experienced a plethora of lady-time symptoms, but my emotions have always gotten the best of me. I don’t want to have to warn those around me when I’m going to be emotionally unstable, I want to feel great all the time!

I recently tried Nature’s Bounty – Evening Primrose Oil and I love it. I have always taken my daily multi-vitamin, but I’ve never extended beyond that. These vitamins have worked wonders for my mood and taken away that sluggish feeling.

Evening Primrose is a plant native to North America and Europe and the oil in each capsule is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Evening Primrose has many uses in a range of disorders, from skin conditions to cancer. This vitamin contains essential fatty acids that help in all areas of the body. Some women do not have enough fatty acids and this can cause breast pain, which is enhanced by PMS. I don’t know about you, but I tend to break out only when PMSing as well, and Evening Primrose targets your skin, as well.

Although what little research there is on the effects of Evening Primrose on PMS symptoms is inconclusive, this vitamin continues to be used worldwide as a natural PMS reliever and I would highly recommend it! I hope this can help you too.

Sincerely Samantha B

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